It’s Christmas Eve, and the party season is in full flow in restaurant and in people’s homes. It has therefore got me thinking- which celebrities, alive or dead, would I want to invite to my ‘Dream Dinner Party’! I am conscious of a quote I recently read from the chef Ken Hom’s autobiography-

“Never invite two stars in the same night”

However, politely ignoring this advice, here is the list…

  1. Stevie Wonder- first name on the list- what a legend! Would be a fascinating addition to any room, and of course I’d make sure there was a piano in the room.. (Stevie- What Christmas Means To Me)
  2. Jools Holland– the second name on the list- just imagine when after dinner is finished, him and Stevie sit down together and jam..! He’d make a half decent host too (Jools Holland- Silent Night)
  3. Sean Connery- a legend of the screen, and how cool would it be to have James Bond at your dinner party?! Obviously he’d be on cocktail duty too- martinis, shaken not stirred… “Sheason’s Greetingsh”!
  4. John Cleese- would be my host- because I can’t think of anybody funnier to do it! His character Basil Fawlty is for me the best character in British comedy and his completely inappropriate approach to hospitality is superb. (Fawlty Towers- Gourmet Night)
  5. Frank Sinatra– the great!! He can sign, entertain, regale, and from the quote below clearly doesn’t mind a drink either. And who wouldn’t want that voice around the table at Christmastime, we know he’d do it his way… (Frank Sinatra- White Christmas).

“I feel sorry for people that don’t drink, because when they wake  up in the morning, that is the best they are going to feel all day”

What a night this would be! Who would you invite to yours?

Of course the real perfect Christmas dinner would be at home, with family, friends, great food and great wine.

Merry Christmas folks! Eat, drink well and be merry!