It’s been a while since I intended to post this but it’s nonetheless still relevant!

In today’s age of mass-market, supermarket-led consumerism, shopping for food and drink and indeed anything, has become much more convenient, simple and cheaper. With supermarkets now seemingly on every street corner (where I am now, theres three within probably a mile’s radius), we only have to walk a few minutes to access pretty much anything we want to. And whilst this may be good in a society today where everybody has less personal time and is ever looking for more convenience, it means we tend to forget our smaller, local shops and businesses.

A fantastic example of a small food retailer that as a family we go to a lot, is East’s Butchers in Brecon in South Wales. In a small, market town, very traditional, unfortunately the supermarket giants have still managed to wade in. However it is also very reassuring that a small local butchers still exists which maintains exceptional quality and service. We have been using this butchers on and off for about 10 years- only on and off, I must add, because we only spend about 10 weeks of the year in Brecon so time is limited! However every time we visit, whether it’s a week or 6 months apart, we are greeted by the butcher as if we were his oldest friends, asking after us, and seems genuinely pleased to see us again. Now that is service. Pretty sure you don’t get that in any supermarkets!? And that’s even before I mention the actual product. An amazing selection of meat, all local, and whether it’s a large roasting joint for your Sunday lunch, some fantastic maple-cured bacon for a Saturday breakfast, or amazing artisan sausages for a midweek dinner, the selection of produce is outstanding.

High-end produce; outstanding customer service; supporting local- argument speaks for itself really!

Over Easter last month, we were there and naturally went to East’s for our Easter lamb. We took a fantastic boned and rolled lamb shoulder; roasted in the oven, served with butternut squash, parsnips, new potatoes, beetroot, and gravy. Beautiful!

Agnello Gallese

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